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Post-Operative Instructions


We are committed to making sure, not only that your dental appointment is pleasant, but that your post-operative healing time is quick, uneventful, and as painless as possible. Please take a few minutes to review these post-operative instructions particular to the kind of procedure you recently had done.

After hours, if you have an urgent emergency, I AM AVAILABLE to speak to you by dialing our office number:

281-440-3530, and selecting option 1 (to bypass recorded general message).

If I am unavailable for some reason (on a continuing education course, taking vacation, ill, etc.), someone will respond to your message and make sure that your problem is handled appropriately or you are at least referred to another dentist for some temporary help.

Please rest assured, I take all your questions and concerns seriously and my entire office is dedicated to making your recovery and post-operative care as comfortable and as "complication-free" possible.